“FASAL SALAH” is an informative Mobile app which is designed to help farmers by providing real time personalized crop advisory based on current & forecast weather. FASAL SALAH provides accurate weather forecasts (Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed & Direction, Rainfall) for next 10 days at taluk & village level. FASAL SALAH is unique and farmer friendly. It can be read, it can be heard.

FASAL SALAH is one of the main feature of this app. Crop advisories are given to farmers on the basis of weather forecast which include all relevant real time information about likelihood of attack of diseases and pests on crops, management practices (irrigation, nutrient management) according to real time weather conditions at district and village level.

Weather is an important factor influencing crop growth. Therefore, app provides 5 days weather forecast at village level which involves several parameters like temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, rainfall.

Our app helps farmers find out latest prices obtainable for their crops among in Mandis in their area.

Advisories are also available in audio format for farmers who do not want to read.

Satellite imaging, near surface remote sensing and artificial intelligence, enable crop yield predicted well before harvest.



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